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Principal’s message


Like thousand bright stars in the sky, little bright stars of this earth with innocent eyes and confused faces are waiting - ''When and who will guide us to our destination''. They are waiting for a guide which may lead them to a purposeful destination. Amidst the chaos and competition for survival and existence of its individuality and values, our society if fighting a battle to live up to the true essence of being civilized and educated. There has been much talk, discussion and policy making at different levels of hierarchy and manifold work have been done and still are being done for improving the 'Quality Of Education'. Apart from the plethora of schemes, policies debates etc I feel two most essential or rather an indispensable factor for improving quality of education are Sincerity and Skill of an educator or a teacher and individuals who have been vested upon the responsibility of imparting education. Unless and until we impart quality education to our children the development of a child will be like a table with unequal legs.

Hence as our motto of this institution goes ' Sthitapragyasartha Siksha Mulastanbhochyatey' which means in order to be a true human being, education is the pivotal pillar. This institution caters to foster the talent and skills of aspiring teachers through courses. The government has recently christened as Diploma in Elementary Education or D.El.Ed. the courses of study of two years in D.EL.Ed Programme streamlined as per NCFTE -2009 guidelines has provided this institution with an honourable opportunity to serve our society in a humble and subtle way. I'm proud and grateful to the almighty and everyone who has blessed me to be a part of the respectable and sacred service.

Our eager children have a real thirst for learning and our excellent staff team are committed and dedicated in ensuring that each and every child achieves. We have high standards and expect the best.